Why Bedbugs Are Still A Problem Today

Bedbug RepellentIt is mind boggling that a country as developed as the United States could in this day and age be fighting a bed bug epidemic. The surprising factor is that the epidemic is getting worse. Cities such as Philadelphia and New York seem to be the most affected.

How are you bringing in bed bugs to your house and what can you do to stop

Although the pests are associated with dirty places, it is not always the case. Bedbugs have been found in some of the cleanest places including the Empire State Building as well as the United Nations in New York. To understand why these pests are so difficult to eliminate, you need to understand how they breed.To remove bedbug bite from your house read the various article from here http://larasmallman.com/

How are bedbugs spread?

The question is how are you bringing bed bugs home? This is a very simple question to answer because bedbugs are spread through travel. When you visit an infested place, the bedbugs are likely to get into your travel bags or clothing. Once you get back home, they will crawl and hide in dark corners as they continue to multiply. Bedbugs multiply in a scary manner.

A female bedbug lays between 10-50 eggs at a time. These eggs usually hatch in between 6-17 days. During its lifetime the female bedbug has the ability to lay a total of 200-500 eggs. The fact that an adult bedbug can survive for a year without feeding means that they can survive in your house for a long time before they start biting you and multiplying.

The reason these pests are sometimes hard to detect unless they are very many is because they are good at identifying hiding places. They will then come out at night and bite you as they suck your blood. Most people confuse bedbug bites with fleas or assume it is an allergy. By the time you develop swelling and redness, there must be a high level of infestation in your bed.

How to eliminate bedbugs

Once you have confirmed that you have an infestation of bedbugs, you need to take immediate steps to eliminate them. The first step is to reduce the number of likely hiding places. You can do this by reducing the clutter in your room.

The next step involves gathering all the fabrics that may have come into contact with the pests and washing them in very hot water. You should also iron the sheets after washing them. Next, you need to look for a powerful fumigation product that will kill them and continue doing so for a long time.

You have to ensure that you seal all holes as you apply the insecticide. Once done, you need to ensure that you disinfect the room after every few weeks to eliminate the hidden pests for good.