Bedbugs: The Vampire of the Insect World

bedbugBed bugs! You have heard of them. Your mother use to tell you before bed, “Good night! Sleep tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Perhaps you thought they were just the subject of a nursery rhyme. Sadly, bed bugs are very real and wreaking havoc all over the country.

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Once bed bugs make a home out of a place, getting rid of them is extremely difficult. They affect not only the dirty motel off of Route 66 but the beautiful, immaculate mansion in Beverly Hills. Bed bugs news is everywhere. They are making their appearance known.

Lamb’s Farm, a series of group homes for the developmentally disabled out of Chicago, has been dealing with a bed bug infestation at two of their locations. The outbreak of bed bugs was discovered back in September. They were originally found in one room. The home called exterminators to come can treat the room, but shortly after treating the infested room another room became infested. Find the best bedroom guardian review and eradicate bed bugs naturally.

The home had that room treated also but the problem did not go away. Eventually, exterminators had to come out and perform a heat treatment on the entire house. Shorty after this house was treated, another one of the Lamb’s Farm homes was found with a bed bug infestation. This home was treated also. According to Yaconetti, the president and CEO of Lamb’s Farm, “It has been a frustrating experience for the residents to deal with.”

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Tenants of an apartment complex in Colorado are battling a bed bug infestation and the property management company that did not inform them of the infestation before they moved in. The Jefferson Park apartment building is now under new management and Pinnacle, the new management company, is under pressure from new tenants.

It appears that management acquired new tenants in the building and did not inform them of a recent bed bug infestation. One tenant, Tim, lived in the building for a month before he noticed his first bed bug. He admitted to management that he had done some travel and brought a used futon into the apartment.

When approached, management took the position that Tim brought in the bed bugs, however, since Tim originally found only one bed bug in his kitchen before he found the actual infestation he was not convinced it was his fault.

Tim collected the bed bugs for proof and questioned Pinnacle about legally being required to inform potential tenants of such problems. Legally management must inform a potential tenant of problems like roaches or bed bugs, but the law is not traditionally enforced.

Insect World Vampires

Other tenants, who have not traveled or brought in used furniture, had also complained of bed bugs appearing in their apartments after they moved in. Management claimed the apartments that once were a problem were treated prior to tenants moving into the building. The problem is most treatments do not really work. Bed bugs can go months without feeding. Once a new food source moves in, they come hungry out of their hiding spaces ready to eat.

Bed bugs are hard to get rid of. They are pesky insects that terrorize the occupants of whatever dwelling they inhabit. Should you find yourself battling bed bugs, wash your bedding in hot water, put a plastic cover on your mattress and call an exterminator immediately.