The Uses of Diatomaceous Earth and Calcium Bentonite

diatomaceous earthThere are many materials that can be used around livestock including items that are perfect to have as natural insect repellents. These materials include diatomaceous earth and calcium bentonite. They are both perfect to have in an extensive variety of situations.

Diatomaceous Earth Is Very Helpful

Diatomaceous earth is a powder that has a talc-like appearance and feel. It can kill off bugs by destroying the coatings on their exoskeletons. This in turn helps with killing off many pests around your farm.

What makes diatomaceous earth so useful is that it is safe to spread. It is a component that is naturally found in grain-based foods and will not harm your livestock even as they come by it.

It is best to use food grade diatomaceous earth when getting it ready though. This is a material that will not have lots of fillers inside it.

What About Calcium Bentonite?

Calcium bentonite is different in that it an impure clay product. This is a natural component that mixes calcium and bentonite clay together to create one of the most impressive cleaning agents around. It has long been used to help reduce soil degradation, thus making it easier for crops to grow. Find best way to eradicate bed bugs naturally.

This is also capable of being mixed in with the dairy rations that your livestock may consume. It is even use in some feed products as a means of allowing pellets and other materials to bind as well as possible. It adsorbs minerals in the body so they will not wear out all that easily.

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Why Use Them?

Diatomaceous earth and calcium bentonite are perfect to have in your farm space for many reasons:

· It is safer to use them than other pesticides around a space. That’s because no one outside of the insects will be at risk of any problems relating to posioning.

· Each option is naturally-occurring and is not treated with dangerous outside chemicals.

· There are no toxicity problems surrounding these materials.

· Your livestock will also feel detoxified as the components of calcium bentonite will help clean out the bodies of whatever bits of livestock in your space consume it. It may even be used as a laxative, thus making it even easier for old waste materials to be cleared out with less pressure.

· The potential of parasites to be found within the bodies of livestock that consume diatomaceous earth will also be reduced.

Be sure to look for these two items if you’re trying to keep your farm and livestock space under control. It should be very easy to find many of these materials for sale in large bags or pails.