Choosing the Right Guitar for You

Choosing an electric guitar takes research, hard work and a bit of knowledge about what to look for. Basically, electric guitars are normally subjective, and therefore what may be good for you may not suit another person. A good rule is to make sure that you buy the best brand- name electric guitar which you can comfortably afford.

Best Electric Guitars for Beginners


*Squier Standard Telecaster:-great entry level guitars for beginners and intermediate

Featuring smooth playability, simple controls and classic fender design, this type of guitar is often a great choice for first time guitarists. The fixed bridge as well as quality tuning machines that the guitar has will ensure that you have a relaible and simple tuning stability.

Squire Standard Telecaster guitar has got single volume as well as tone controls which usually come along with a pair of bright sounding single- coil pickups that gives beginner guitarists a variety of tones to choose from, which are very easy to control. This type of guitar has normally been a mainstay in the music industry for many years and is most especially associated with great pop, country, rock and surf sounds.

I actually own a Fender Bullet Stratocastor and got it on sale for $130. It is a true joy to play and I couldn’t be happier with my first electric and its sound. Read about and hear some of the songs I’ve made with it too on my beginner guitar lessons blog.

*Epiphone Les Paul 100:-great beginner electric guitars

This type of guitar features several hum-bucker pickups for beefy rock tones which are thicker as well as deeper. This makes this type of guitar an ideal choice for beginner guitarists. Quality hardware, a comfortable feel and simple controls that this guitar offers will definitely make your learning experience fun if you are a beginner guitarist.

LTD LMH 100 Q MNT reveiws*LTD LMH 100 Q MNT:-

The LMH 100Q MNT is among the guitars which are sleek and stylish and that are priced at an amount affordable to beginner guitarists. The guitar features a slim body as well as a stylish neck profile that is designed to provide a person with a responsive feel. The guitar also comes with a pair of hum-bucker pickups which will provide you with plenty of firepower when using it.


Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Guitar

*Body Style:-

There are three body styles of electric guitars i.e. solid body electrics, semi solid/semi hollow and hollow body. When purchasing a guitar, you must be sure about which style will suit your needs.

*Guitar Body Shape:-

There are different shapes of guitars to select from and you should try them all so that you can be sure about which one will offer you a comfort feel when using. Some of the guitar shapes available include the telecaster shape, the Stat shape, the Les Paul shape and SG shape among others.

Last, but not least, it is recommended that you purchase a guitar that not only will serve you comfortably but also one that will last for many years to come.