Post finasteride syndrome and how clomid could help

Post finasteride syndromeMany young men around the world based the decision to take finasteride in the form of proscar 5mg or 1mg propecia for hair loss based on the assurance form the FDA propecia clinical trials that has proved that only 2% of men may experience side effects , the manufacture medical literature that state that any side effects experienced as a result if using this medication should be resolved with continued use of the drug and others is as a result of doctor recommendations.

Post Finasteride syndrome effects

Although this mediation has benefited many men around the world who suffer from hair loss, there is a certain percentage of men who have experience devastating side effects as a result of using this medication. Contrary to the manufacturers claim that any side effects experience as a result of using this drug would be resolved after quitting, many men have continued to suffer in silence. So what are the symptoms caused and problems associated with post finasteride symptoms? and how can clomid help men deal with negative side effects that is associated with this symptoms ?

Problems and symptoms of post Finasteride syndrome

· Gynecomastia

· Chronic fatigue

· Muscle twitching and weakness.

· Decreased oil and sebum product on skin.

· Tinnitus

· Decreased in body temperature

· Depression

· Loss of libido and erectile dysfunction

How clomid can help men suffering from post finasteride syndrome

Clomid is an oral medication that is commonly known for its fertility benefits. This medication has been used for many years to treat fertility related problem in both male and female. However over the past few year this medication has also proven to be effective to men who are suffering from post finasteride syndrome.

I got treatment from a doctor that treats post finasteride syndrome named DR Alan Jacobs.

Recent clinical studies conducted on this mediation has proven that clomid can actually help to alleviate symptoms associated with side effects of post finasteride symptoms as discussed below.

1. It enhance sexual performance.

One of the major negative side effects associated with post finasteride syndrome is loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. About 90 percent of men who suffer from side effect of this medication have reported to suffer from loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. Clomid can be used to boost a man’s sexual power. It can also be used to help improve the timing of insemination.

2. It elevate various hormonal levels.

Gynecomastia (female like breast development and enlargement) is usually caused by hormonal imbalance. Clomid will boost the production of testosterone – a male hormone that give men masculine characteristics thus helping to eliminate this problem. It also boost the production of serotonin which helps to alleviate depression.

3. It enhances the immune system.

This medication contains natural ingredient that contains essential nutrients and minerals that have been tested and proven to work. It contain natural herb that can help to enhance the immune system thus enabling you to be strong and healthy. It also help to enhance metabolic process.

In conclusion, don’t suffer from post finasteride syndrome in silence. Clomid can really help to alleviate all symptoms and side effects that are usually associated with post finasteride syndrome. However it is very important to consult your doctor first before you start using clomid.